Ways to Volunteer

Each year hundreds of volunteer hours are donated by community to sustain operations at the theatre. We appreciate each and every one of our volunteers and consider them Cutter Heroes.

If you have an interest in volunteering please look over the descriptions below and let us know your areas of interest.  We’d be happy to have you in our midst. Thank you so much for your interest.


WORKING AT EVENTS:  Box office, usher, coffee & cookie concession, food server, kitchen help, clean-up or tending our bar concession
COOKIE GUILD: Baking cookies for events
FUNDRAISING: Deck The Falls, Train Robbing, Valley Ballyhoo, Community Auction, Festivals
OFFICE: Newsletter crew (copies, folds and addresses), data entry (manage mail & member list, input volunteer hours), or assistance with the auction organizing, making MS Publisher gift certificates/other
CLEANING: Dusting, floor care, windows, misc.
MAINTENANCE: Repairs, painting, prop room assistance, costume room helper, shop assistance
DECORATING: Window displays, marquee, event decorating, table decorations
THEATRE: Back-stage helper, costumes, make-up, sound and/or lighting tech, set design and/or set building
PERFORMANCES: Acting, directing, musician, singer, line prompter, emcee
POSTER DISTRIBUTION: Put up posters for events in Metaline Falls, Metaline, Ione, Colville and Newport
KIDS EVENTS: Artscape assistant or teacher, snacks, meals, transportation and backstage help
VISUAL ARTS: Adult art class teacher or helper, co-op gallery.
TOUR GUIDE: Give tours of the building on weekends and holidays
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Subject to available openings