The Theatre

Eva Gayle Six Auditorium

Originally designed as the Metaline Falls School auditorium, the space was reborn as a theater in 1991. With grant funding, the entire theatre was designed and constructed by volunteers. Among them, the exceptional woodworker Van Whysong who is also responsible for the intricate woodworking in the main floor bathrooms, and the ceiling stenciling in the main lobby, Green Room, and other areas throughout the building.

Subsequent grant funding has allowed the installation of an improved sound system and enhanced audio capabilities for the hearing impaired.  The theatre contains 155 permanent seats.  This area is also utilized for public meetings, lectures, conferences or private parties.

Murder in Black & White - Another Victim (640x424) (640x424)
Performances each year utilize the skill of local actors and directors.

Cutter MCT 2014

Children are the stars each January when we host The Missoula Children’s Theatre. Local children are trained to perform in a musical play by seasoned professionals from the Montana theatre company.