The Green Room

Green Room

“Actors know that the “green room” is the area in which they wait before going on stage.  The term “green room” may reference the fact that once these areas were outside, or legend has it that old vaudeville theaters used the cheapest paint available backstage – green.

Our Green Room not only is our area off the stage during plays and concerts, but serves as the main area for meetings, exercise classes, receptions and our annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, among other purposes.

And it is green – but still is one of the most beautiful rooms in the building.  Once classroom space, it is now bright with sunlight from the original windows as well as period lighting-fixtures and fans.  Look to the ceiling to notice the faux beams and beautiful stencil work, both done by Van Whysong.  And in one of those beams is a time box ready for the next 100 years to go by.”

Green Room2


Green Room3