The Gallery

Cutter Gallery

“The Kirtland Cutter Gallery was unused space when the school was built in 1912. Access to the attic was through a 3×3 foot trap door up a ladder (this is visible outside our main office in the atrium – just look up!).  A student originally used this to access the decorative windows to raise and lower the flag each day until the original flag pole was removed.

When the building was purchased, the attic was found to be viable space and so was developed, leaving only the eaves for storage.  The open area, now called the Skylight Room, is surrounded by office space and the Kirtland Cutter Gallery.

The Gallery’s most beautiful feature is the brick outer wall and decorative windows (the arch design a Kirtland Cutter trademark).  Not only do local and regional artist show their work in this space, but poetry readings and weddings have also been held here.

If you would like information on developing a show for the Gallery, please contact the Cutter office.